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Simon Nicholls

Chief Financial Officer

Simon is an experienced executive director, with over 25 years of experience in international business including 10 years as CFO of two UK public companies with significant operations in the US in the Aerospace & Defence industry. He is a UK Chartered Accountant.

Simon has a global track record in both rapid growth and distressed situations. As well as being CFO of Pivot, he currently advises a portfolio of small and medium sized businesses on how to improve operational and financial performance to create value for all stakeholders over the long-term.

His approach is to review, agree and, if necessary, refocus strategy to drive improvements in the Five Pillars of Value creation (growth, profits, cash, return on capital and governance). He then utilizes his commercial and operational business skills to formulate and execute the actions necessary to create tangible additional value. This drives the business improvement agenda increasing profit, freeing up cash, improving cash conversion, and optimising return on capital to enable Value Creation through sustained business recovery and/or optimal delivery of growth opportunities. He sees best in class governance (including effective Enterprise Risk Management) as one of the five key pillars of true value creation, a subject he is truly passionate about. Simon is bringing these skills to bear at Pivot, to support the sustainable long-term growth of the company and realization of the management team’s vision.

Simon is a big sports fan. He played rugby competitively in the UK and Canada for over 20 years and is now a keen golfer and surfer. He also skis and plays occasional tennis. He is an avid sports spectator and a big fan of NFL and the Buffalo Bills, having lived and worked in Toronto in the early 1990’s.

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