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Frankly speaking, our team is a group of hard-working, engaging, passionate people with the goal to guide our clients to success, however they define it. We are a close-knit company because we know that collaboration is key and together we hit the right balance of creativity, strategy, and grit.

Ben Shapiro

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Nicholls

Chief Financial Officer

Andy Silver

Executive Vice President

Patrick Cassidy

Executive Vice President

Elliot Bloom

Vice President
Tennis Hospitality & Experiences

Travis Wade

Vice President

Brian Hastings

Vice President
Business Development

Aaron Kulik

Vice President

Josh Schwartz

Senior Director 

Celeste Ahlbrandt

Team Manager

Brandon Locke

Finance Operations Manager

Tyler Wengert

Business Development

Brentley Weissman

Account Executive Property

Chris Mullin Jr.

Inside Sales Representative

Daniel Wilson

Inside Sales Representative

Emily Holland

Operations Coordinator

Our Story

In 2013, PIVOT was founded by Ben Shapiro as a sports and entertainment agency. The idea behind PIVOT stemmed from the complex and fast-changing landscape of sports and entertainment sponsorship. Over the 25 years Shapiro spent in the sports sponsorship industry, the 12 with the Golden State Warriors, he continued to see recurring frustration, confusion and a wide range of price points for comparable assets. PIVOT was created as an aid to both properties and brands to simplify the overly complicated landscape, while creating a more even playing field for pricing and allowing a more transparent negotiation process. By transforming and streamlining the negotiating process, PIVOT lends its clients more time to focus on their marketing platforms, creative executions and advertising opportunities presented by the hyper-sensitive and acutely aware customers we call fans. During its inception, PIVOT also saw an opportunity to simplify team travel for professional teams and large events, creating a third business vertical within the company. By offering a free 360 degree travel service, PIVOT ensures teams receive money back from their many stays throughout the season. Today, PIVOT continues to serve on those three pillars for brands looking to capitalize on fan passion, properties interested in expanding their sponsorship relationships, and teams and events looking to have their travel operation streamlined.

Who We Are



To create a lineup that is effective at both the number one spot and the ninth spot you need depth, versatility and a wide range of super powers that are called upon at different times. The team here at PIVOT represents just that. From Maine to Wisconsin to Germany, the people that make up PIVOT extend from all over the world and have clocked a wide range of experience both in and out of sports and entertainment. What the team has in common is the want to deliver high-quality service to their clients as they act as an extension of them.

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