May 27, 2021 

WALNUT CREEK, CA – The Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) has signed a multi-level partnership agreement with Bay Area-based sports marketing firm, PIVOT Agency, that will expand the PPA’s business efforts for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.  

PIVOT Agency will work with the PPA to increase sponsorship revenue for the next two seasons. The partnership includes platform development and sales strategy, identification of sponsorship opportunities via existing network and experience, and leadership of term negotiations to maximize revenue.  

“The PPA has grown at an increasingly rapid pace since its inception, and participation and interest in the sport of pickleball is at an all-time high. Partnering with a professional firm to aid us in scaling our sponsorship opportunities and sharing our story with blue chip brands means improved experiences for players and fans alike, including bigger payouts, better venues, and global exposure. We are excited to introduce PIVOT Agency as the PPA’s new voice in the world of sports sponsorships,” said PPA Commissioner, Connor Pardoe.  

Pickleball is the one of the fastest growing sports in the United States with participation growing by 21% last year. The PPA is leading the charge for the sport of pickleball by offering a Pro Tour experience that consists of the top  professionals competing for the largest purses in the sport at tournaments held all over the nation. With 20 tour stops planned for the 2022 season and attendance projected to be over 30,000 players and nearly 200,000 pickleball fans, now is a strategic time for the PPA to involve new brands in all the action.  

“We are seeing tremendous growth in the sport of pickleball and are perfectly positioned to steward the PPA’s story to the corporate sports sponsorship community both regionally and nationally. This is a unique opportunity for brands to serve as first movers and scale with the PPA and the sport of pickleball collectively.” said Ben Shapiro, PIVOT Agency Founder & CEO.  


The PPA was founded in 2018 as the premier provider of professional and amateur pickleball tournaments for all ages. In 2021, we will welcome between 15,000–20,000 players to our events and award over 1 million in total payouts to players. We currently host tournaments in the U.S. and Canada and are looking at expanding to the international stage as the sport continues to evolve. The PPA separates itself from the competition through its  world-class venues, high-level partnerships, and generous prize money. We maintain a professional experience and atmosphere in everything we do in order to continuously out-perform expectations and place pickleball squarely on the map of bona fide professional sports.  


PIVOT Agency was founded in 2013 as a full-service sports marketing agency, built at the nexus of brands and culture, and forming alliances between consumer brands, athletes, sports, the arts, causes, business, and media. Today it has grown into four (4) unique and successful divisions, encompassing Brand Representation, Property  Sales, Team Travel, and Tennis. By applying unparalleled expertise and data at precisely the right time and place,  its team of industry leading executives have helped build PIVOT into a growing influence in the sports and entertainment business.

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